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Branches / Applications

German Legacy screw pumps ensure that your systems run safely and that your fluids are transferred reliably. Our clients rely on us to provide pumps which run at all times, in turn guaranteeing the availability of their systems.

We deliver performance in Pump and Processing technology!

Oil & Gas and Petrochemistry

German Legacy screw pumps are extremely reliable and guarantee a maximum lifespan for processing. The continuous transportation of oil is of central importance to the economic viability of client systems.

Industrial, Oil and Tank Farms

Our screw pumps are successfully installed in tank farms worldwide. They allow for the transportation of the most diverse products; from gasoline to bitumen. This is as relevant for the loading and off-loading of ships, wagons and road tankers as it is for tank-to-tank or long pipeline transfer.

Oil & Gas and Petrochemistry

German Legacy screw pumps are used in the chemical industry in areas in which highly viscous fluids, non-Newtonian fluids or highly sensitive fluids are transferred.


In the maritime area, screw pumps are used especially as loading pumps for inland water vessels and mid-sized tankers. They ensure the prompt loading and offloading of ships and guarantee stripping. They are also used in engine rooms as ballast and main lubricant pumps.



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