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Industrial, Oil and Tank Farms

Our screw pumps are successfully installed in tank farms worldwide. They allow for the transportation of the most diverse products; from gasoline to bitumen. This is as relevant for the loading and off-loading of ships, wagons and road tankers as it is for tank-to-tank or long pipeline transfer. The amount to be transferred can be individually determined, which means that the complete emptying of tanks can be achieved.

Fuel oil, crude oil, barrelled oil, additives, base oil, light hydrocarbons are all typical forms of fluid which can be transported by German Legacy screw pumps, even in situations in which a high level of suction is required.

Viscosity varies from 1…2,000 cSt.

Delivery rates of up to 2,400… and 16 bar differential pressure are possible.

Adaptable delivery speeds are a particular advantage when transferring large amounts. Flow control can be increased by a factor of 10 without leading to standstill or requiring modification.

German Legacy screw pumps ensure reliability and prompt Return on Investment.



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