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Multiphase Aided Field Development

The picture above is idyllic, isn’t it? But look at the whole truth on the right side:

Multiphase technology makes an important contribution to a more efficient utilization of global oil and gas resources. Independent of commercial data, this aspect gives our activities impulse. The correct usage of Multiphase facilities increases the recovery rate from deposits, even when gas deposits are being exploited at the same time. This means that more of the available oil and gas reserves can be harnessed and at a relatively low cost.

Take a look at the COwatch. It shows in how many years we have reached a global warming of 2° C with the current use of our resources. – Try the 1.5° C button!

Many thanks for the Mercator Research Institute in Berlin for providing this impressive view.

How can we make our contribution?

Multiphase Boosting is the most flexibly applicable technology in the artificial lifting field because the different pump technologies allow it to be applied in broad operational areas. Furthermore, it is the primary technology for field development and can be combined with the majority of other technologies in the course of the handling time of a bore hole, while improving the efficiency of these further technologies, e.g. ESP or deep well vertical turbine pumps.

When using German Legacy Multiphase Aided Field Development, owners of oilfields will quickly recognise the advantages of Multiphase technology, such as the enhancement of output and capital value. They can incorporate the technology into their planning at an early stage. German Legacy is at the forefront of this area and develops the necessary engineering irrespective of technology and manufacture.


Ideally, field evaluations are already part of the FEED (Front End Engineering Development) because the necessary measures can be recognized early and greatly improve the economic value of the project.
Financial figures are improved through the utilisation of Multiphase technology:

  • Increased production rate means more oil is produced in a shorter time
  • Planning for flowlines and bore holes can take future situations into account
  • Costly later changes to existing systems become irrelevant.

The installation of Multiphase pumps makes the most sense during the plateau production phase of a field. This keeps the production levels constant over a long period of time. If production later declines, we will develop a new solution for each bore hole. This solution will be based on the individual requirements of the bore hole and the reservoir- completely independent of the counterpressures created by pipelines or separators.

Based on a field study, the installed performance will be reduced by approximately 50% and the well head pressure will generally be lowered by a further 200 psi, which leads to significant cost savings and an increase in production. The increase in production is caused not only by the reduction of counterpressure but also by keeping the facilities available at a level of 98% and more.

We accompany our clients from the beginning and identify the most profitable Multiphase pump transfer solution for each case, whether for an individual bore hole or for a complete oilfield.

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