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Facility availability is of the utmost importance to German Legacy. For this reason, we offer our clients a complete service spectrum for pumps and processing facilities.
We ensure that the correct replacement parts are available and repair our own pumps as well as those of other international manufacturers. Our commitment begins with successful commissioning. Long-term, we operate pump stations and processing systems. We boost their performance through continual optimisation and ensure a long operational lifespan.

Replacement parts and reverse engineering

German Legacy offers replacement parts for almost all pumps and processing facilities. We offer our clients original replacement parts and, if required, alternatives in OEM quality. This includes Bornemann*, Steiblé (pièces de réchange Steiblé), Netzsch, Wangen and Allweiler pumps.
The most basic prerequisite for facility availability is that the right replacement parts are in the right place at the right time. German Legacy ensures this through its professional replacement part management.
We also stock replacement parts for older units. Should these parts no longer be obtainable, we offer our clients reverse engineering. – Just ask us!


German Legacy repairs and services pumps and processing systems. Our service engineers are globally available and undertake skilled repairs not just of our own pumps and units but also of other manufacturers.
Upon request, we can inspect the condition of old systems and develop a recommendation for repair. Only if it is technically or financially inviable to repair a facility do we then recommend and install the suitable replacement units.
Furthermore, we can support our clients with maintenance, from replacement part management to full maintenance agreements.

Kickstarting production

We deliver pumps and processing systems and as a rule put them into operation in situ. Our goals are to guarantee operational start-up as quickly as possible and to recognize system potential as early as possible. You will profit from our longstanding experience of the most diverse installations.

Commissioning by skilled personnel is important, in order to detect any possible problems early enough and to take any necessary countermeasures before it comes to downtime, which impairs system availability and productivity. We develop and recommend maintenance intervals as well as, upon request, ensuring a smooth management of replacement parts. – Just ask us!

System operation

We offer our clients complete service, on demand. We can operate your systems, provide for maintenance and replacement part management and you can profit from our experience and the opportunities offered by our global service network. In addition to maximum system availability, our clients can enjoy further advantages:

Client staff can be trained to the highest level. Your staff can be schooled in the implementation of cutting-edge concepts for facility repairs and maintenance. This maximises operational availability and minimises the cost of replacement part stocking and maintenance.

German Legacy also offers financing for systems and settlement on the basis of operating hours within the framework of operator models.– Just ask us!



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